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Our Pillars of Action

Our work is centered around three Pillars of Action: Building a Movement, Promoting Solutions, and Creating Coalitions.


Building a Movement

We are working to build a foundation of grassroots support for climate action in South Dakota through education and community engagement. We produce informational resources and conduct workshops and events to educate South Dakotans about the climate crisis and build community around solutions.

Promoting Solutions

We work to advance strong climate policies and support renewable energy initiatives in South Dakota. We campaign to build support for local initiatives like the Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan. We also work to spread awareness of federal programs and funding opportunities that can help communities, households, and individuals cut emissions and save on energy costs and that can help businesses and governments raise their climate ambitions.


Creating Coalitions

We are connecting organizations and individuals across the state. We support joint efforts that help strengthen the movement for a just and sustainable future. Our goal is to serve as a convener and a central hub for elevating environmental action in South Dakota. 

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