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Sustainable Sioux Falls

The Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan is under threat. 
Help us take a stand for a sustainable future!

Its aim is to grow Sioux Falls into “a thriving community today and for future generations by strengthening community well-being, protecting the environment, and supporting economic prosperity.”

The Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan has the potential to:

  • Improve community health and support local food systems

  • Create local jobs in new green industries

  • Reduce energy costs through improved efficiency

  • Restore and protect local ecosystems and native species

  • Improve walkability and transportation access

  • Create a more connected and resilient Sioux Falls

  • Begin taking crucial steps to address the climate crisis


A commitment to implementation by the City and by community members will be key to the plan's success.

But the Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan is under threat from City leadership.

For the past year, a 30-member Sustainability Steering Committee representing Sioux Falls businesses, community organizations, and city government have been working hard to draft a consensus-based Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan that reflects community voices and priorities.

But in early March, the Mayor’s Office decided behind closed doors to replace the Committee’s draft plan with a “sustainability framework” which removed all concrete goals and accountability measures. These actions undermine good-faith, community-driven efforts while obscuring and delaying real action on sustainability challenges that are impacting our communities today.

Sioux Falls needs a sustainability plan that reflects community voices and meets the moment to commit to real action, not half-baked goals and wait-and-see language. That’s why SoDak 350 is taking a stand. We are calling on the Mayor and the City of Sioux Falls to restore the Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan and commit to take real action for a sustainable future.

Here's what you can do to help.

Sign on to tell Mayor TenHaken and the City of Sioux Falls to respect the community-driven consensus process of the Sustainability Steering Committee and restore the Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan.

Make a phone call or write a letter or email to Mayor TenHaken and your City Council representatives asking them to commit to take action for a sustainable Sioux Falls.

  • Tell them you're concerned about recent actions to subvert the community-driven drafting process for the Sustainable Sioux Falls Plan.

  • Tell them that you think the Sustainability Steering Committee's consensus plan is the best path forward for a sustainable future for our city.

  • Let them know why sustainability, environmental protection, and climate action matter to you.

  • Share your ideas for what Sioux Falls can do to become a leader for sustainability in our region.

3. Spread the word.

Share on social media and let your family & friends know that it’s time to make our voices heard for a sustainable Sioux Falls!

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